Pet Cancer Treatment

Pet Cancer Treatment

Explore Holistic Options for Pet Cancer Symptom Care

Finding out that your pet has cancer can be devastating. There are holistic choices to consider, that can improve your pet's quality of life. If you're in the Manchester, NH, area and are looking for a mobile veterinarian for a house call, contact us at Positive Chi Alternative Veterinary Medicine. We can give you and your pet an opportunity to explore other pet cancer care options.

Whether your pet has just been diagnosed, or has been dealing with cancer for some time, you'll want to explore all the options for helping them at home. A house call can help you do that in a setting that's more comfortable for your pet.

What Is Holistic Care?

Holistic care includes options such as herbs, acupuncture, and food therapy. What kinds of foods and other substances your pets are ingesting play a role in the growth of their cancer. Whether they end up in remission or the growth is simply slowed to give them more time with you, there are opportunities to care for your pets in different ways at home. We can assess the best options for your pets on an individual basis, to help them feel healthier for a longer period of time.

Can Alternative Options Improve Quality of Life?

We are a mobile holistic veterinarian serving Manchester, NH, Londonderry, Derry, Amherst, Merrimack, Auburn, Hooksett, Bedford, and surrounding areas. Our belief is that alternative options for pet cancer care can be a very important part of helping your pets become and remain healthier. You can couple our care with other recommended treatments, or focus on it as a stand-alone opportunity for health and wellness. The goal is to make your pets' quality of life the best it can be, for as long as possible.

Is Acupuncture Safe for Pets?

Acupuncture is completely safe for pets, when performed correctly. Just like the ways it can help people, acupuncture has the opportunity to help pets with issues such as pain and anxiety. Many pets experience pain during cancer treatment, and they may also be anxious or depressed. By using acupuncture during a house call, your pets can feel calmer and more comfortable, which can be a big part of helping them battle their cancer and be treated successfully for it.

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Contact us today at Positive Chi Alternative Veterinary Medicine, if you're in the Manchester, NH, and in need of alternative and holistic options for pet cancer treatment and a mobile veterinarian who cares. We can provide you with information and insight, along with treatments that could add comfort and support to your pet's life.


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