Heart Disease in Pets

Your pet’s heart health is an essential part of his overall wellness. Without a healthy heart, it can be very difficult for the rest of the body to function. This is why it is so important to be on the lookout for signs of heart disease in pets. At Positive Chi Alternative Veterinary Medicine, our mobile veterinary service in Manchester wants to keep your pet as healthy as possible. Stay alert for these early signs of heart disease in pets.

Heart Disease in Pets


If you notice that your pet gets fatigued more easily than before, make sure you address it with a veterinarian. This is especially true if he stops enjoying exercise or seems to be lethargic for no reason. This could happen for many reasons, but heart disease is one of them.

Blue-Tinged Gums

You should know what your pet’s gums usually look like. That way, you will be able to recognize changes in them quickly. Blue-tinged gums are an early indicator of heart disease in pets. Heart disease causes poor circulation, which leads to this bluish tinge on your pet’s gums. You should be checking your pet’s mouth regularly to make sure he has good oral health, and that is a good opportunity to check for any changes.

Breathing Trouble

Trouble breathing could be the result of a respiratory infection. If your pet doesn’t have any other signs of illness and cannot seem to catch his breath, it is time to see a veterinarian. Breathing trouble can appear in multiple forms. Your pet might pant more frequently than normal or he may have trouble catching his breath, even if he hasn’t been physically active recently.


As with breathing trouble, a cough might be a sign of a cold. In this case, it is nothing too serious. However, if your pet has a lingering, persistent cough, then it could be a sign of heart disease. As you notice that the cough has stuck around, look for any other signs of a cold or flu. If there aren’t any, your pet needs to be checked for heart issues.

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Heart disease in pets is serious, but it can be treated if caught early. This is why it is so important to pay attention to your pet’s habits and get his annual veterinary care visits. If getting your pet out of the house is a problem, Positive Chi Alternative Veterinary Medicine is a mobile veterinary service that can help residents in and around Manchester. Call our team today at (603) 660-6815 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form to schedule an appointment with Dr. Haley.

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