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We love pets as much as our family members. That said, it's essential to know how important it is to provide a healthy diet for them. At Positive Chi Alternative Veterinary Medicine, we are a holistic veterinary practice that provides customized food therapy recommendations and supplements based on your pet’s diagnosis. Learn how real food can be used as medicine to treat your pet’s illnesses.

Dr. Haley is trained in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Food Therapy. Food is used as therapy or medicine to treat your pet’s illnesses. Dr. Haley will guide you in how to supplement or change your pet’s diet using real food. There are many new diets on the market that are simple and made with real food. The quality of the food and the source of the food is also important and taken into consideration when recommendations are made. Dr. Haley will take a comprehensive history and exam and formulate a diagnosis. Food items and/or recommended brands are then selected and recommended based on this diagnosis.

Dr. Haley can help you select a diet for your pet even if he/she is overall healthy. It is important to rotate through different foods based on the seasons of the year. A healthy, real food diet will keep your pet healthy longer and will decrease the number of veterinary visits that are required in the future. Keep your pet healthy and schedule an appointment online today.

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