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To schedule an appointment, please click on the “Schedule Appointment” button or call Dr. Haley at (603) 660-6815.

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If you are a new client or if this is a new pet that has not been seen by Dr. Haley, please fill out the New_Patient_Form  prior to your first appointment.

To provide optimum service and recommendations, please have your regular veterinarian fax recent medical notes, lab results and imaging reports related to the primary complaint to (603) 488-5574.

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Fees – Initial consultations are $175 and follow up appointments are $125. This includes the exam, acupuncture treatment, food therapy recommendations and continued communication with Dr. Haley via phone and email. You only speak to Dr. Haley at all times.

Environment – In order to achieve the best results with acupuncture therapy it is imperative that your pet have a comfortable and quiet atmosphere without disruptions. An enclosed small room that accommodates these recommendations is ideal. Other pets in the house should not be allowed to enter the room where the exam and acupuncture are to take place.

What to expect – Dr. Haley will discuss your pet’s history and ask any additional questions prior to beginning the comprehensive physical exam. Once the exam is complete Dr. Haley will discuss your pet’s diagnosis and the treatment plan. Based on the diagnosis Dr. Haley will decide on the type, duration and number of points used for the acupuncture treatment. Once you and your pet are comfortable Dr. Haley will begin placing acupuncture needles. In general, most pets do not mind the placement of the very small needles. In fact, most patients will either be resting very comfortably or even sleeping by the time the treatment is complete. Most treatments range from 10-30 minutes.

Possible Complications – Complications during the acupuncture treatment include pain when the needles are placed, bruising, and bleeding.

Payment Policy – Check and credit cards are accepted at the time services are rendered.

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