Acupuncture has gone through many changes since it originated in China thousands of years ago. This alternative vet treatment offers many advantages for pets suffering from chronic conditions. Pet acupuncture does not cure disease, but it can reduce pain and increase mobility. Positive Chi Alternative Veterinary Medicine in Manchester and Bedford, NH, looks at the facts about pet acupuncture.


How Pet Acupuncture Works

Insertion and stimulation of hair-thin needles into proper places stimulates the body into releasing chemicals that increase well-being and reduce pain. These chemicals include endorphins, norepinephrine, and enkephalin. Dry needle therapy, or dry needling, is similar. It works to release tension in a painful muscle.

Side Effects of Acupuncture for Pets

There are very few side effects. There may be minor bleeding or soreness at places where the needles have been inserted. Needles are sterile and only used once to reduce the chances of infection.

Conditions Treated by Acupuncture

Acupuncture and electroacupuncture are good for chronic pain conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia, degenerative joint disease, and chronic back pain. It also helps reduce nausea in pets undergoing chemotherapy. Dogs that constantly lick a spot, causing lick granulomas, often reduce their licking with acupuncture treatments. Pets that have a loss of appetite due to medical conditions like Addison's disease or diabetes often get their appetites back with acupuncture.

What an Acupuncture Session Is Like

The pet is made comfortable by lying down or being held in the owner's lap. The vet inserts about four to twenty needles. The needles are manipulated by hand or by very low doses of electricity. The needles are left to rest in the pet for about 20 minutes. Then, they are removed. The whole session usually lasts about an hour.

Finding a Holistic Vet

There are more and more veterinarians offering acupuncture. In the last twenty years, more veterinary colleges in America offer classes on acupuncture. Find an alternative vet or mobile veterinarian by talking to your current veterinarian. You can also use the VetFinder page of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. There are even vets that will make a house call for your pet.

Pets That Should Not Undergo Acupuncture

Acupuncture is not recommended for pregnant pets, pets with bleeding disorders like Von Willebrand disease, or pets that will not tolerate needles. Electroacupuncture is not recommended for any pets with seizure disorders since the electricity may trigger a seizure.

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